Signals police look for when spotting drunk drivers

Just about everyone has found themselves in a situation where they know they shouldn’t drive. Maybe you went out seeing some friends one evening. You planned on having one drink socially, but one thing led to another and in no time, you realize you’re over the limit. Some people try to shrug this off and drive home. These are the people who end up with DUIs.

Police are trained to look at a pack of cars and pick out the drunk driver among them. There’s no secret skill to doing this, there is a science to how people act when they’ve had a few too many and choose to drive. These are a couple of the biggest tells an officer will look for when patrolling for drunks.

Before we dive into the tells, know that if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a DUI, be smart and contact an experienced attorney immediately. Even when evidence looks bad, a good attorney will help you find a viable defense.

Not staying in the center of the lane

Everyone has heard of drunk drivers swerving around the road, but even not staying firmly in the center of your own lane can ring alarm bells for a police officer. Consistently listing from one side of the lane to the other or driving too close to the center line will undoubtedly get an officer’s attention, as will frequently making corrections.

Constantly adjusting speed

Regularly speeding up and slowing down is another major red flag cops look out for. Intoxicated drivers don’t pay attention. As a result, they are likely to catch themselves speeding or driving too slowly then playing catch up to right their speed. Delayed response time and poor cognition make this all but impossible for an intoxicated driver not to do.

Driver carelessness

Maybe the biggest indicator that a driver is intoxicated are the little things. Usually these are things that a sober person would realize immediately, but someone under the influence would easily overlook. Driving without their headlights on, blowing through a stop sign in an empty neighborhood, not using turn signals; these are all minor transgressions that are more than enough to illicit suspicion.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink but be smart if you do choose to imbibe. Have a sober ride prepared, use a rideshare or spend the night at a friend’s place. And if you do find yourself facing a DUI charge, do not hesitate to enlist the aid of an attorney.

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