Resolving Disputes Through Civil Mediation

At Michael T. Burns PLLC, we provide experienced civil mediation services to clients in Louisville and throughout Kentucky.

If you are engaged in a legal dispute, you have many dispute resolution options at your disposal. Is civil mediation right for you? We can help you decide. If mediation is the best option, civil mediation attorney Michael T. Burns is here to provide you with adept dispute resolution services.

The Advantages Of Mediation

In mediation, disputing parties sit down with a neutral third-party mediator and work to find common ground and agreement, guided by the mediator's knowledge of the applicable laws and how a judge would likely rule if the matter were being decided in court.


  • Puts control in your hands, not in the hands of a judge or jury
  • Allows for amicable dispute resolution, helping parties reach agreements without unnecessary conflict and strife
  • Can cost significantly less than a full-blown jury trial

Mediation does not offer guarantees. For many clients involved in personal injury disputes or other civil law matters, mediation provides an amicable and cost-effective chance at obtaining a fair outcome.

One More Tool

Attorney Michael T. Burns has a broad range of conflict resolution tools at his disposal. Mediation is just one of them.

As an experienced litigator, Mike knows how to make compelling arguments to judges and juries, protecting his clients' rights in court. He thoroughly prepares every case for the possibility of trial, an approach that allows him to negotiate from a position of strength.

He tailors his legal strategies to suit the unique needs of each client. If you are best served by negotiation or litigation, he is prepared. If mediation best serves your needs, he can capably represent your interests and guide you through the process.

Talk To A Civil Mediation Lawyer Today

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