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Signals police look for when spotting drunk drivers

Just about everyone has found themselves in a situation where they know they shouldn’t drive. Maybe you went out seeing some friends one evening. You planned on having one drink socially, but one thing led to another and in no time, you realize you’re over the limit. Some people try to shrug this off and drive home. These are the people who end up with DUIs.

Police are trained to look at a pack of cars and pick out the drunk driver among them. There’s no secret skill to doing this, there is a science to how people act when they’ve had a few too many and choose to drive. These are a couple of the biggest tells an officer will look for when patrolling for drunks.

How Kentucky lists crime categories and their punishments

Maybe you’re at an outdoor festival, or driving your car, or even in bed sound asleep. When you realize the police are arresting you, it’s usually confusing and surreal. And for what comes next, you may have to get used to confusing and surreal.

Despite a major overhaul in 2011, Kentucky’s code still isn’t written for amateur legal scholars. But citizens of Kentucky have a right to be amateurs, so here’s a quick and dirty outline of crimes and punishments in Kentucky. It may help you if you or a loved one is arrested and facing charges.

DUI convictions have more consequences than just jail time

What would your first thoughts be after a DUI arrest? Would you worry over paying your fines or going to jail? These are justifiable concerns considering how expensive DUIs are and because it’s not uncommon for people to serve time in jail after a first offense.

What you may not realize is that you face penalties in addition to possible jail time and fines. Each drunk driving conviction will earn you time in an alcohol treatment program and the suspension of your license.

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