Serious Defense For DUI & Traffic Offenses

A DUI or serious traffic offense is an urgent legal matter that must be handled with care. Any misstep at this point may jeopardize your future.

At Michael T. Burns, PLLC, we provide strong criminal defense representation to clients in Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout surrounding areas. As an experienced lawyer and former police officer, Michael T. Burns can help you make the best decisions at this time, protecting your rights in the criminal justice system.

A Winning Perspective On Criminal Defense Strategy

As a former deputy sheriff, defense lawyer Michael Burns knows the rules of evidence and how prosecutors build cases. As a defense lawyer, he draws upon this knowledge to cast doubt upon criminal accusations and build strong cases for his clients who have been charged with drunk driving (DUI/DWI) or serious traffic violations.

Were your rights violated during the stop, arrest or police investigation? Are there inconsistencies in the state's case against you?

By aggressively scrutinizing the facts and evidence, former cop Michael Burns will draw upon his law enforcement experience to provide you with a winning defense strategy. We apply a thorough and methodical approach to your criminal defense, but understand that we must be fluid as well. An unexpected turn of events during a criminal case can be a setback if you are not prepared. With a firm command of the facts, however, you can turn it into an opportunity for success.

A Former Law Enforcement Officer On Your Side

Attorney Michael Burns knows both sides of criminal law. As a deputy sheriff he used to handle law enforcement investigations. As a defense lawyer, he knows how to identify and seize upon weaknesses in the state's cases against his clients. When the stakes are high, as in a felony criminal case, it's good to have someone on your side who knows how to see the case from the state's side.

Contact Us For Strong Felony Defense Representation

If you have been accused of a felony crime in Kentucky or even think an accusation may be on the horizon, we are here to protect your rights. To contact our Louisville criminal defense law firm, please call us at 502-792-7709 or reach us online by filling out a brief contact form.